How does modularity work?

Modular battle maps can be connected with other maps from the same theme. For example you can connect two "modular" labeled Forest maps together. If you have 20 Forest themed maps, you can connect all of them together seamlessly. Some of the modular themes can work together. For example you can connect the Ocean modular theme to the Beach modular maps, and the Beach modular maps to the Desert and Jungle modular maps. There is a defined light source on all the maps, so you can see an indication of how to connect the maps together.

Why do I need to register in order to buy items?

We follow very strict guidelines in order to protect the personal data given to us, and we can't do that without a registration.

Why inches?

Our main focus is Dungeons and Dragons, and their system is using the imperial units. 1" = 2.54 cm ------ (Map type 1): 11"x 17" = 27.94 cm x 43.18 cm ------ (Map type) 2: 22"x 17" = 55.88 cm x 43.18 cm ------- (Map type 3): 34"x 22" = 86.36 cm x 55.88 cm

How long will the shipping take?

The shipping usually take 2-4 weeks. We ship from Hungary(EU) with global shipping, that costs flat $12, and we give free shipping to orders above $70. If you have any problems, feel free to contact us at

Are you a retailer?

If you want to sell our maps in your store, you can contact us at

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