1pc tabletop BATTLE MAP (11″X17″)




Here’s a fun fact:

In our country, instead of using the term ‘mystery bag’ or ‘lucky bag’, we say ‘zsákbamacska,’ which literally translates to ‘cat in the bag.’
With Lola (Princess), our beloved cat, giving her seal of approval, we proudly present our new mystery bag product. 🐾







Lola, our beloved furry companion, originally came from an animal shelter. When she was just a tiny kitten, we welcomed her into our home, experiencing firsthand the incredible impact of these shelters. We understand the challenges they face and the vital role they play in animal welfare. That’s why, in support of these important establishments, we’ve decided that if you purchase a mystery bag from us, the proceeds will be dedicated to our local animal shelter program. Your contribution will help provide food, medical care, and a loving environment for animals in need, ensuring that these shelters can continue their life-saving work.

(can you believe she was that smol?)






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Printing and Material

Our physical battle map is equipped with a wet and dry marker, fully laminated for durability, and easy to fold and unfold. It is double-sided, meaning that on the top of the map, you can find the “day” version, while at the bottom, you can discover the night version of the map.

Processing Time and Shipping

Shipping to Europe usually takes 1-2 weeks, while other countries may take 1-4 weeks depending on location.


Standard Size