Defenders of Lok-Badar II. (Bundle)



29pc tabletop MINIATURE Set
– 12pc Lok-Badar Defenders – Medium
– 8pc Dwarven Gryphon Riders – Large
– 1pc Alvar Jotunnbani – The Mountain King – Medium
– 1pc Skald Flokir Vindurrodd – Medium
– 1pc Thrumagogg – The Gryphon King – Gargantuan
– 1pc Runa the Warrior (Dwarf Pinup) – Medium
– 1pc The Mountain Throne – Terrain


The models require assembly.
• Each miniature comes with it’s custom base.
• If you need a different variant, please let us know in our contact address.


Printing and Material

For the ultimate precision and detail required for D&D or Wargaming miniatures, we rely on the exceptional proportional printing capabilities of high-quality Siraya Tech ABS resin combined with 20% Siraya Tech Tenacious for durability. Coupled with our top-of-the-line 7K printer the models look stunning.


Processing Time and Shipping

Shipping to Europe usually takes 1-2 weeks, while other countries may take 1-4 weeks depending on location.


Standard Size

Additional information

Defenders of Lok-Badar II.

Unpainted, Painted

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