Gnomes of Golemmar (Bundle)



25pc tabletop MINIATURE Set
– 12pc Gnomes of Golemmar – Medium
– 8pc Depth Diggers- Large
– 1pc Gilgamesh – King of Golemmar – Medium

– 1pc Ishtara – Queen of Golemmar – Medium
– 1pc Golemmar Lamassu – Gargantuan
– 1pc Princess Mylitta (Pinup) – Medium
– 1pc Golemmar Ruin – Terrain


The models require assembly.
• Each miniature comes with it’s custom base.
• If you need a different variant, please let us know in our contact address.


Threatened by the treacherous creatures of the Depths and the recent Simulacra rebellion, the ingenious Gnomes of Golemmar have combined animancy and geomancy to develop technologies and weapons to survive the unforgiving underworld. Although many of them have fled the Depths to take refuge in Eldanar, the city of Knowledge, the most tenacious Gnomes defend Golemmar under the protection of the Priestess-Warrior Ishtarra and the powerful Heroic-King Gilgamesh.

Printing and Material

For the ultimate precision and detail required for D&D or Wargaming miniatures, we rely on the exceptional proportional printing capabilities of high-quality Siraya Tech ABS resin combined with 20% Siraya Tech Tenacious for durability. Coupled with our top-of-the-line 7K printer the models look stunning.


Processing Time and Shipping

Shipping to Europe usually takes 1-2 weeks, while other countries may take 1-4 weeks depending on location.


Standard Size

Additional information

Gnomes of Golemmar

Unpainted, Painted

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