Blackrazor Hobgoblins (Bundle)



14pc tabletop MINIATURE Set
– 3pc Razorbeast Riders + 3pc Razorbeasts – Large
– 4pc Units Blackrazor Hobgoblin (4 Male) – Medium
2pc Blackrazor Hobgoblin Rogues (2 Male) – Medium
– 1pc Bogtraz Murkytongue Shaman Hero – Medium
– 1pc Bogtraz on Blackrazor Rock Troll – Gargantuan
– 1pc Uzgrot Razorcloak Champion Hero – Medium
– 1pc Trixia the Hobgoblins Queen & Throne – Medium
– 1pc Blackrazor Chariot – Terrain


The models require assembly.
• Each miniature comes with it’s custom base.
• If you need a different variant, please let us know in our contact address.


The Hobgoblins, stronger and taller cousins of the Goblins and worshiper of the Goblin god Grimbog, are among the most ancient and cruel races that lives in the Falgor Swamp, a wild and inhospitable land on the edge of the Deeproots forest.
For centuries, the Blackrazor tribe stuggled to survive against the continuous attacks by the Gurunda and other Hobgoblins tribes, until the shaman Bogtraz Murkytongue discovered a way to model the only mineral found in the swamps, the Blackiron.
No longer they fought with bone clubs, but began to forge blackiron blades, shields, armors, and the fearsome arbalests.
In a short time, the Blackrazor became a relentless army, their number grew out of proportions, as their hunger for power and conquest. The surrounding tribes had to surrender to the strength of the Blackrazor, who became the only Hobgoblins tribe in Falgor Swamp absorbing trough violence the weaker ones.
This new force of despair and destruction, guided by the Hobgoblin Queen’s thirst for power, is now looking to extend their kingdom over the civilized cities and towns in Rotvar.

Printing and Material

For the ultimate precision and detail required for D&D or Wargaming miniatures, we rely on the exceptional proportional printing capabilities of high-quality Siraya Tech ABS resin combined with 20% Siraya Tech Tenacious for durability. Coupled with our top-of-the-line 7K printer the models look stunning.


Processing Time and Shipping

Shipping to Europe usually takes 1-2 weeks, while other countries may take 1-4 weeks depending on location.


Standard Size

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Blackrazor Hobgoblins

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